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October 6th, the Public Test Server will open again with the Grounded 0.11 update! It will be the biggest update ever and I already set up a special live stream, here on Youtube, to cover the entire patch notes. Watch live on this link.

To help you be ready for the update, here are the 11 Grounded Tips, use the timestamps to watch the ones you are most interested in.

  1. Tip Number 1: Set Gamma to 50%
  2. Tip Number 2: Craft Berry Leathers on Jerky Racks
  3. Tip Number 3: Craft Crude Ropes on Spinning Wheels
  4. Tip Number 4: Never Use Charged Attack
  5. Tip Number 5: Keep an Eye to Grass Movement
  6. Tip Number 6: Scout with Photo Mode
  7. Tip Number 7: Transport Pallets
  8. Tip Number 8: Activate Rock Cracker Mutation to Shovel Clay
  9. Tip Number 9: Place Water Containers under Juice Boxes Straws
  10. Tip Number 10: Cook 3 Pieces of Meat on the Roasting Spit
  11. Tip Number 11: Setup Your Crafting Bench Like a Pro


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