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Grounded developers promised a new update in January, this month. The Public Test Server will open again with the Grounded 0.12 update! We have seen termites, new environments, and to warm you up I put together 12 tips that will surely help you on the 0.12 update.

Follows below the list with the 12 tips, jump around to what most interests you.

  1. Tip Number 1: 11 tips in 1
  2. Tip Number 2: Complete Daily missions before midnight
  3. Tip Number 3: Dig Buried Treasures before 7:00 am
  4. Tip Number 4: Value Loot Boxes
  5. Tip Number 5: Find Protection in Any Shadow
  6. Tip Number 6: Attack Antlions while it’s Buried
  7. Tip Number 7: Interrupt casting attacks with Critical hits
  8. Tip Number 8: Interrupt animations to attack and farm faster
  9. Tip Number 9: Kill Underwater Creatures for Extra Oxygen
  10. Tip Number 10: Bombs can be Dropped
  11. Tip Number 11: Stock Food on Roasting Spits
  12. Tip Number 12: Join the Grounded City Project


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