Gamer then Reviewer


We would have only good games if who’s playing always had fun.

​And… you don’t need to gamble your fun when buying games.

I believe that we can always make the right choice. The expectations you build towards a game defines the result of the playing experience. The key to having fun is knowledge and balance. Know what you want (expectations) and what the game offers.

To help gamers build their own opinions about games, I created THE 3 STEP GAME REVIEW. Use this website to balance your expectations and always have fun!

The Partisan Spy

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Spy on Spy

mysterious eye painting

Just like most of you guys, I am a gamer.

After years of playing games and never being completely satisfied with the game reviews out there, I decided to give the community something different.

To create this project, I combined my professional background and passion for games. In short, I spend my time and money to help you pick games you will surely have fun.

I hide my identity and use a voice changer, as I believe the focus should be on the games. Also,  I find entertaining to build a character around all this. 🙂

Gamer then Reviewer

When I started this project, I had never reviewed a game in my entire life. After dozens of published game reviews, I felt that my Gamer Mindset was slowly changing to a Reviewer Mindset.

I don’t want to play games while thinking about what will be written in the game review. I want to keep playing games 100% focused on beating them and having fun. I will keep reviewing games as a gamer.
As I believe this is the only way to keep my game reviews real and relevant.

I am no journalist, I am a gamer.

There are 2 undeniable facts, the more games I review, the closer I will be to being a reviewer. And the more time I spend with my “go-to-games”, the closer I am to the essence of this project.

To keep the 3 Step Game Review truthful to its essence and my Gamer Mindset straight, I created the Game Watch. If by any change, you play the same “go-to-games” I do, special contents are heading your way.