This video walkthrough shows all kills and there are video timestamps for each one.

The second Baron’s Challenge is ‘Hazards of the Trade’, you play with Cooper, Kate, and Isabelle and you need to kill 4 targets by carrying no weapons. This video walkthrough shows all the 42 kills and below the timestamps for each one.

  • 0:00 – Challenge Intro
  • 0:21 – How to Kill Felicity Groans
  • 1:15 – How to Kill Moe the Pro

How to Kill Boris the Ham and El Pollo Mateo

  • 2:39 – Step 1: Spill the oil
  • 2:50 – Step 2: Get a torch
  • 3:27 – Step 3: Link both targets
  • 3:38 – Step 4: Distract thug and throw the torch

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