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Grounded 0.14 PTS is coming out today! The last update before Grounded 1.0 is fully released is right around the corner! As we get closer and closer to the 0.14 update, nothing better than a list with 14 tips and tricks I believe are the most valuable in the game.

As there are tips you must already know, check the entire list in the description of this video to jump around to what most interests you.

  1. Tip Number 1: Set Gamma to 60%
  2. Tip Number 2: Build Your Base Close to the Kids Case
  3. Tip Number 3: Relocate Pallets to Move Building Materials
  4. Tip Number 4: Activate Rock Cracker Mutation to Shovel Clay
  5. Tip Number 5: Upgrade to Repair
  6. Tip Number 6: Always do a 3-Hit Combo
  7. Tip Number 7: Use the 3-hit combo to farm faster
  8. Tip Number 8: Use the Resource Surveyor
  9. Tip Number 9: Scout with Photo Mode
  10. Tip Number 10: Make Allies
  11. Tip Number 11: Find Protection in Any Shadow
  12. Tip Number 12: Craft Pupa and Berry Leathers on Jerky Racks
  13. Tip Number 13: Craft Crude Ropes on Spinning Wheels
  14. Tip Number 14: Join the Grounded City Project


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