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The Grounded Bees are aggressive insects with a neutral behavior. Different from mosquitos, for example, they won’t attack at first sight. They just attack if they feel threaten.

Bees can be found all over the backyard during daylight and usually close to flowers. At any time of the day, even at night, you can find them at the beehive, which is on to the garden table.

The beehive is the best place to kill bees. A bunch of them are always there and while killing them you can collect some nectar.

Bees can be really hard to kill, first because usually, they fly in high altitudes, and second, when fighting they hit hard.


The safest way to kill Bees is using Gas Arrows. If the arrow doesn’t hit them, they won’t attack you and the gas damage will do the work.


A quick and less expensive way to kill a bee is to start the combat with an arrow hit and finish the job with a Bone or Stinger Spear. These are the best weapons against bees because of their range and the possibility to block with the Weevil Shield. You can also do it with a bow, but not being able to block is always a risk of taking damage.

If you want to take it to the next level and have bees always at your disposal, the Grind killing strategy is the way to go. Build a grass ladder to climb up to the closest bench to the beehive. It took me 20 to 30 minutes to build the ladder, on the long run, I think the time invested will pay off.


You will find dozens of bees to kill and easily grind mats. No need for a bow and arrow, just you, a spear, and a shield against the hive. As I said before, can be tough to fight bees with short or mid-range weapons as they are always flying in a distance to make you miss hits. And for the three strategies, the Ladybug Armor Set is always recommended.


With the Bee materials, you will be able to build the Bee Armor Set, the Stinger Spear, and the Stuffed Bee. The Bee Armor Set has defense stats between the Lady Bug Armor Set and the Spider Armor Set, with a similar bonus to the Spider Armor Set. The Stinger Spear has stats equal to the Bone Spear but with a different weapon perk. And the Stuffed Bee is cute, the cutest…


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