The Grounded City is a community project. Players got together to build an entire city from the Grounded Backyard. Every element in the backyard will be repurposed and integrated into the city.

Our objective is to have fun together and showcase the endgame potential to the gaming community. If you are as passionate about Grounded as we are, we will love to have you on the team.

Project Teams

There are 3 teams, each one with a leader and responsible for a specific scoop of work of the project. Team Leaders must have +500 hours of gameplay and are responsible for team members.

Team Members are recruited by Team Leaders and the recommendation is that they have at least 50 hours of gameplay.

To apply for a position join our Discord Channel and DM The Partisan Spy.

To make the entire community part of the project, the residential areas will be built by guests. Every guest can build their own house in the city and they are invited by Team Members.

Resources Team

Job Description

Craft tools and collect all materials needed to build the city.

Team Leader

Paul, The Scavenger King

Team Members

• sid8zio
• donjonrambo
• ChainSaw
• iG v James
• ThyApollo
• loveofpaper
• Gigachad
• Bill
• tylercheesey
• Goshdarnitall

Builders Team

Job Description

Build every construction with the materials provided by the Resources Team and the instructions provided by the Architecture Team.

Team Leader


Team Members

• IsaacEatMushrooms
• Ziffel_plays
• Halopowner
• Ravenfield is god
• Smokerdwarf
• Coffwea
• Milky Deew
• cor_alreef
• Worshiipme
• Voids

Architecture Team

Job Description

• Design constructions
• Create building instructions
• Do material lists for every building
• Do interior decoration
• Do final area check

Team Leader


Team Members

• Cat and Crown
• The Ultima
• Etchpac
• AlfredoTheImpasta
• 17dragonfishes
• SoConfuzzled
• cartR_
• jatenn
• MichaelW
• Apex Predator
• Lost26asian
• Howler_Ants

Project Stages

You can follow at what stage of the project we are via our Trello Board.

1. Invite Project Members

To apply for a position join our Discord Channel and DM The Partisan Spy.

Open Positions:
• Architecture Team Leader
• Builder Team Leader
• 8 Architecture Team Members

2. City Concept and Name

From more than 5 ideas, voting decided that we will build a Medieval City, an idea first brought up by The Ultima, thanks buddy!

Everyone can pitch in ideas for what our city name will be and for all the other areas. You imagine, we build it. Submit your ideas in our Discord Channel (#city-concept-ideas).

3. Build the Grid

The Grid is like one Graph Paper on top of the backyard. It is our building methodology and how architectes can work “offline” with exact precision.

The left image is grid being built in the backyard while the right image is the grid translated to a graph paper.

4. City Blueprint 1st Draft

As you can see, the Grounded City Project became much more than just a city. The first blueprint draft shows our plans for each area of the backyard which will be updated at the beginning of every new season.

As new ideas are added to the project, areas will change, so it is never late to join to project and make your mark on our map.

5. Construction of Areas

The City was chosen as the first area to be built and nothing more important to a medieval city than having a huge wall! After finishing the first section of the wall, the first houses and services buildings are going to be added to the town.

The project is paused during Grounded Updates to the team experience new game features and adapt the project as they see fit. The recess starts on Day 1 of the PTS and ends after 30 days.

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