To create the Grounded Creatures Guide, I killed all creatures with all weapons and died to all of them with all armors. During the process, I learned unspoken truths about these creatures and this video is a tribute to some of these secrets. Rocky Balboa’s Inspirational Speech is part of this story.


Below video timestamps to each one of the secrets:

  1. Water Flea Headshooter
  2. Rocky Balboa’s Inspirational Speech
  3. The Training
  4. Ladybug Armor – Rocky Balboa’s Trunks
  5. The Punchass
  6. Heavy and Slow, but Doesn’t Sink
  7. Gangbang I
  8. Gangbang II
  9. Gangbang III
  10. Hide-and-Beat
  11. Ground Level Juggling
  12. Superman Puncher
  13. Fear of the Tiger
  14. You got a Friend!
  15. Couldn’t leave this out… ?


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