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Fan Arts

Grounded Fan Art by James Ledsham

Author: James Ledsham


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Note from the Author: After playing Grounded for a good few hours I felt inspired by the idea of being so small and how that changes your perception of the world around you, emotionally and physically. Those bugs you once flicked off of your sleeve are now occupying the same space as you on the food chain, so with this peace I wanted to try and capture that with a more realistic style.

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Official Videos

Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios are ecstatic to celebrate that Grounded’s community has brought more than 5 million players to the backyard, which means we were able to cash in on a little bet we had.
Join Shyla, Obsidian's Social Media Manager, as she dives into the content included with the Koi Pond Update.
Join Shyla, Obsidian's Social Media Manager, as she walks you through some of the new changes and fixes, exciting new content, and spooktacular surprises released with today's update!
Get ready to dive into Grounded's largest Early Access update yet: The Koi Pond.
In this vlog you'll gain insight into how the insects spend their days and nights while you aren't around.
Thank you so much for the incredible support! Millions of players have joined together to survive the perils of the backyard, and we are proud to present our first content update... With a special gift.
From new daily BURG.L quests, new recipes you can collect, stronger enemies, plus a new aquatic friend, UI changes and more, this update brings with it so much we really couldn’t cover it all in this video!
We are proud to reveal an all-new trailer for Grounded, our upcoming survival adventure game! On July 28th, go big or never go home.
rom more information on the Hot Pouch and auto-assignments to items you can build to help keep a steady supply of food around and more, be sure to give this video a watch and you may learn something new!
Join Grounded Game Director, Adam Brennecke, and Obsidian's Social Media Manager, Shyla Schofield, as they show off new gameplay from Grounded before going into a Q&A session to answer some of the communities burning questions.
In today's dev vlog join Shyla, Obsidian's Social Media Manager, as she goes over some of the basics of base building in Grounded.
We are proud to reveal an all new story trailer for Grounded, our upcoming survival adventure game! On July 28th, go big or never go home.
Find out how unlocking recipes will work, find out how to customize your Hot Pouch, see the different radials in the game and how they can help you out while playing, and more!
The world is a vast, beautiful, and dangerous place, especially when you have been shrunken to the size of an ant. Explore, build, and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-adventure.
Join Shyla, Obsidian's Social Media Manager, as she gives you a brief overview of some of the basics in Grounded.


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