The first and till today only Highway System on Grounded Backyard. The safest way to fast travel around the backyard. 5 different highways, more than 15 hundred centimeters of road, 10 entrances, and infinite exits!


If after watching this video, you like this project, I would love to get your support to keep building into it. Check the list of milestones below.

Video Likes Milestones:

  • 50 likes: Add lights to the Purple Road
  • 100 likes: Add lights to the Red Road
  • 200 likes: Add lights to the Yellow Road
  • 300 likes: Add lights to the Blue Road
  • 500 likes: Add lights to the Orange Road
  • 600 likes: Add fences to the Purple Road
  • 700 likes: Add fences to the Red Road
  • 800 likes: Add fences to the Yellow Road
  • 900 likes: Add fences to the Blue Road
  • 1.000 likes: Add fences to the Orange Road
  • 2.000 likes: Build a bridge crossing the Pond
  • 3.000 likes: Build tunnels in every highway entrance
  • 4.000 likes: Build Yellow and Purple Road as full tunnel roads
  • 5.000 likes: Build New Roads
  • 50.000 likes (LOOOOOL): Build huge towers and two-way ziplines for all roads

All 5 roads also need names, to help me give names to all roads, make a comment saying something like… “Name for Blue Road: [Your Choice] + Image: [Your Choice]”. Pick one of the images for the sign in the 01:13 minute of the video.

If your suggestion is chosen, you will get credit for that and your name will be on my website forever! And if one day we are allowed to write at the signs also at my main Grounded game.


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