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Hot and Hazy update, 0.11 Patch is on Public Test Servers and it is huge. Even though the PTS build is unstable and the game is crashing now and then I was able to play through the entire patch notes in an 8 hours stream.

With highlights of the stream, this video overview everything there is on the Grounded 0.11 Hot and Hazy update. To help you find what can most interest you, below follow timestamps links of the video overview.

  1. New Environment, Picnic Table
  2. New Environment, Crab Sandbox
  3. New Environment, Trash Heap
  4. New Environment, Black Ant Hill
  5. New Mini-Boss, Assistant Manager
  6. New Insect, Infected Ladybug
  7. New Insect, Infected Larva
  8. New Insect, Infected Gnat
  9. New Insect, Black Worker Ant
  10. New Insect, Black Soldier Ant
  11. New Insect, Sickly Roly Poly
  12. New Insect, Meaty Gnat
  13. New Insect, Antlion
  14. New Item, Antlion Armor Set
  15. New Item, Antlion Greatsword
  16. New Item, Crusty Roly Poly Armor Set
  17. New Item, Black Ant Armor Set
  18. New Item, Black Ant Sword and Shield
  19. New Item, Black Ant Shovel
  20. Armors Reworked
  21. Weapons and Tools New Upgrade System
  22. Character RPG System, Milk Molars
  23. And much more…


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