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Learn how to solo kill the Broodmother, the first boss of Grounded. This guide will walk you through the items, mutations, and combat strategies to easily kill the Broodmother. You can jump through the guide and learn specific things by clicking on the video timestamps below:

  1. Preparation: items and mutation you should have for the combat.
  2. Combat with the Broodmother, step-by-step of what you should do.
  3. Broodmother nest location
  4. Broodmother Loot

Read below extended details from the video guide.

Different from every insect and creature of the backyard you need to prepare to have a chance against the Broodmother. Because of that, this boss guide was divided into 2 parts: preparation and combat.


Let’s go through the list of items and mutations you should have to fight the Broodmother. This setup was thought to make the combat as easy as possible. Feel free to change and adapt the list to your gameplay preferences. If you don’t know how to craft an item, click on it and a new tab will open to its category on the crafting guide.



  1. Ladybug Armor Set: essential item, not recommended to change.
  2. Stinger Spear and Weevil Shield: you can change to your weapon of choice. This is my preference because I control better stamina and it’s easier to block attacks.
  3. Insect Bow and 20 Gas Arrows: essential item, not recommended to change.
  4. 10 Fiber Bandages: essential item, not recommended to change.
  5. 15 Smoothies of your preference, my choices were:
    • 5 x Boost Juice, for max stamina
    • 5 x Liquid Rage, for more attack damage
    • 5 x Green Machine, for faster stamina recovery
  6. 3 Bratbursts: not essential, but fun.
  7. Broodmother BLT: this is how you bait the Brood out of her hole, without it, there is no fight.

If you need help to bake the Broodmother BLT, I made a tutorial just for that. Click on the following video guide to watch:

  1. Broodmother BLT Recipe, how to unlock it.
  2. Haze BURG.L Chip, where to find it and unlock the Oven recipe.
  3. Charcoal Chunk, where to find.
  4. Oven Recipe, how to craft it.
  5. Broodmother BLT, how to bake it.


  1. Meat Shield: increase your health by 20%. How to unlock it, buy from Burg.L Swap Shop.
  2. Javelineer: increase 30% damage with Spears. How to unlock it, kill 200 creatures with Spear.
    • If you change your weapon, remember to choose the appropriate mutation.
  3. Mithridatism: immunity to venom. How to unlock it, kill 5 wolf spiders.
    • Alternatives if you don’t want to go through the trouble of killing 5 wolf spiders: Coup de Grass or Cardio Fan.


The Broodmother nest entrance is at the Flingman Flying Disc, which is at the berry bushes close to the Hedge Lab. As you enter into the nest, go to its end and save your game! Yes, don’t forget to save your game.


The Broodmother has 6 different attacks and the combat has 4 stages, below follows both lists in detail.



  1. 3 Bite Attack, a combo of 3 hits.
  2. Big Leap Forward Attack, a jump forward and most of the time means the combat stage has changed.
  3. Jump Hit Attack, a small jump with a hit, similar to Wolf Spider’s move and possibly the most powerful strike of the Broodmother.
  4. Big Bite Attack, quick one hit move.
  5. 5 Hits Attack, a combo of 5 hits, the last one comes in a different rhythm.
  6. Scream attack, an area damage that makes the Brood more resistant to attacks, it can be blocked with a shield.


Combat Stages:

  1. Stage 1: You vs Broodmother.
  2. Stage 2: Spiderlings join the fight, triggered when her HP reach 75%.
  3. Stage 3: Orb Junior Weavers join the fight, triggered when her HP reach 45%.
  4. Stage 4: More Orb Junior Weavers join the fight, triggered when her HP reach 25%.

Watch the combat gameplay tutorial to learn the step-by-step on how to kill the Broodmother. Below follows some general combat strategy recommendations:

  1. Raise your Weevil Shield to block every attack, there is no need to try perfect blocks.
  2. For small damages, pop a Fiber Bandage.
  3. For big damages, use smoothies and rotate them to benefit from all buffs.
  4. Fight the Broodmother circling her.
  5. Try not to run, save your Stamina to do damage.

Broodmother Loot

What do you get after killing the Broodmother?

  1. Unlock a new mutation: Mom Genes
    • When in combat, friendly spiderlings appear to help.
  2. New material: Broodmother Chunk, when analyzed unlocks recipe for Mask of the Mother Demon.
  3. New material: Broodmother Fang, when analyzed unlocks recipe for Club of the Mother Demon.
  4. New material: Broodmother Venon.
  5. A bunch of Web Fibers.


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