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Grounded, Into The Wood 0.12 Update is coming out, and before you start playing let’s go through the small changes that may take a while to be noticed but have a huge impact on the gameplay.

To help you find what can most interest you, below follow timestamps links of the video overview.

  1. How to Climb up to the Upper Yard
  2. How to Climb up to the Yellow Fertilizer Bag
  3. How to Climb up to the Porch Table
  4. What are the Biggest Weapons Changes
  5. Blademaster Mutation Change
  6. What is the Resource Surveyor
  7. Where to Find Pupa
  8. Where to Find Lint
  9. Where to Find Spiky Burr
  10. How to Unlock Jewels Recipes
  11. What are those things under my Sca.B
  12. How to Set Custom Games


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