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The Grounded 0.12 update brought to the game other 10 Milk Molars. 5 Milk Molars, and 5 Mega Milk Molars. This video guide shows where all 10 Milk Molars are and how to get to them.


Use the video timestamps below to jump to the Milk Molar you want to find.

  1. Behind the Wall to the Upper Yard (Milk Molar)
  2. Under the Barbecue Grill Cover (Mega Milk Molar)
  3. Inside the Barbecue Grill (Mega Milk Molar)
  4. Inside the Charcoal Bag (Milk Molar)
  5. Inside a Pipe in the Canyon (Milk Molar)
  6. On a Canyon Cliff (Milk Molar)
  7. Bottom of the Canyon, West Side (Mega Milk Molar)
  8. Under the Blue Plastic Cover (Milk Molar)
  9. On Top of the Blue Plastic Cover (Mega Milk Molar)
  10. In one tunnel of the Termite Den (Milk Molar)
  11. In the tunnel of the Termite King (Mega Milk Molar)
  12. Inside a Pot on the Shed Porch (Mega Milk Molar)


Click here for the full Grounded Quest and Collectible Guide.

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