There are 6 Ominent Logs in Grounded backyard after the December Update 0.5.0. This video guide shows where all 6 Ominent Logs are and how to get to them.


Use the links below to jump to the Ominent Logs you want to find.

  1. Ominent Log 01 – Inside Field Station east from  Spade Gulch
  2. Ominent Log 02 – Inside Field Station west from  Abandoned Anthill
  3. Ominent Log 03 – In one of the Hedge Lab’s room​
  4. Ominent Log 04 – Inside Field Station at the Pond​
  5. Ominent Log 05 – Beside the bed of the Pond Lab​
  6. Ominent Log 06 – In one of the Pond Lab Rooms​


Click here for the full Grounded Quest and Collectible Guide.


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