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Since the Grounded, Hot and Hazy Update 0.11 was released, the Sandbox is the hardest area of the backyard. Antlions and the sun-burning effect will challenge your survival skills. Reason why I suggest you leave the Sandbox area for last. This Grounded video tutorial guide will show you the step-by-step and what items you need to clear 100% of the Sandbox.

If you want to jump through the tutorial, below follow the timestamps links of the video:

  1. Items and Mutations to complete 100% of the Sandbox
  2. How to go in the Sandbox
  3. List of things to do in the Sandbox
  4. Location of every hole in the Sandbox
  5. Location of every Milk Molar teeth in the Sandbox
  6. Location of the Lab in the Sandbox
  7. Best way to complete the Sandbox
  8. How to get the Sandbox BURG.L Chip
  9. How to unlock the Moat Chest
  10. Where to find Salt Shards
  11. How to craft the Salt Morning Star
  12. How to unlock Salt Glob Recipe
  13. How to clear all Sandbox holes
  14. Mega Milk Molar Location on Sandbox hole
  15. What’s inside all Sandbox holes
  16. How to find Treasures in the Sanbox
  17. How to collect Milk Molar in the Plant Pot
  18. How to climb the Sand Castle Tower
  19. How to complete the Explorer – Sand Castle Tower
  20. Mega Milk Molar Location out of the Sandbox


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