Mobile Gaming

Do you remember the first mobile game you had on your phone? It’s probably really hard for mobile-game players nowadays to realize how things have changed since that primitive form of Snake on their Nokia 10 years ago. Take our website, for example, we would never imagine reviewing mobile games, and here are 2 examples: Dota Underlords and Cat Quest 2.


There are so many fascinating possibilities available, it’s even hard to keep up with them. Let’s explore a few of these online gaming options right now.

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced forms of technology are probably the main reason why online mobile games have changed so much in the last few years. Tiny chips, cloud gaming, and all sorts of new technology make it possible for a player to have amazing graphics, a wild world, and fantastic realities on a phone! This has also allowed developers to explore different types of games.

We’re far beyond a world limited to just constant runners. There are games for every kind of player! From Call of Duty to Mario Kart, classic online slots, card games or brain teasers, and so on!


Augmented reality is not a new concept.

For those who are not used to the terminology, AR is what allows to bring a combination of real and virtual worlds and real-time interaction into the game. This tech has been on the market for quite some time. However, it’s only recently that developers have started to unlock its full potential. It became worldwide known with Pokémon Go! which expertly combined AR with mobile phone technology as well as a popular IP. Other brands also decided to use AR for similar purposes, such as Jurassic World, Harry Potter, and The Walking Dead. Additionally, there were some games that added some AR elements into the game. However, it’s fair to say that we’re still only scratching the surface with this tech.



Yet some believe mobile VR is dying even before it truly became a hit, others bet it is all but certain to become far more prominent over the next few years.

Virtual Reality has quickly become a key focus of mobile gaming. You can ride fantastic rollercoasters, visit space stations, travel the galaxy on your phone screen, and various other options for VR.

Like AR, VR is often misconstrued as nothing more than a gimmick. The reality is that the two could combine to become the true future of mobile gaming.


Big IPs

Finally, we’ve already touched on this but big IPs are more than likely to dip their toes into online gaming these days. Perhaps one of the biggest brands to commit to online gaming is Nintendo. Indeed, the company created exclusive titles for some of their most popular IPs, specifically for mobile devices. This has also caused companies to abandon portable game consoles almost completely in favor of using the devices that already exist and creating apps for them. It’s unclear whether portable game consoles could make a comeback but right now it’s not looking likely.


It’s clear then that mobile gaming has evolved a great deal in recent years, but perhaps the biggest strides forward are still on the horizon. It will be fascinating to see what games are going to look like several more years down the road.