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Finn Moves Showcase. Watch all Finn moves together with its descriptions.

Click here for all fighters moves playlist.


To help you find the moves you are searching for, below follow the timestamps links:

  1. Chop!
  2. Cracking Kick!
  3. Swordwork!
  4. Flying Sword Moves!
  5. Slasher!
  6. Sky Punch!
  7. Down-Stab!
  8. Ground Chop!
  9. High Five, Dude!
  10. Skronking Tackle!
  11. Mathematical Air Dash!
  12. Backpack ‘Em Up!
  13. Soaring Backpack!
  14. Sweet Deals!
  15. Passive Ability – Fat Stacks!
  16. Throwin’ Stones!

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