Mora is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Read this walkthrough to help you defeat Mora on your first try. Set up your abilities to SPIRIT ARC, REGENERATE, and FLASH. These are the 3 abilities you need to beat the spider, Mora. There are 5 stages in this boss and this is what you should do in each one.


Stage 1 – 1v1 fight
– Hit the blue thing in the upper-right corner of the screen.
– Use it to swing to dodge attacks and shot arrows while airborne at Mora
– There are energy rocks to recharge


Stage 2 – Mora’s spiderlings
– Do the same as Stage 1 faster and better. Kill the spiderlings while doing damage at Mora. Careful, they climb walls.


Stage 3 – Chase
– Climb the object at the right side and jump towards the 2 light things in the middle of the pitch. Bash it up and Mora will chase it, climb and run as fast as possible.


Stage 4 – Mora pissed-off
– By now you must have learned Mora’s attacks, nothing changes much, just some stomping. Do the same thing as Stage 1 with a bit of care.


Stage 5 – Darkness
– The lights go out, darkness will kill you. Activate your flash ability and keep fighting.


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