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Live streaming gives you the chance to chat with your friends, meet new people, and show off your gaming prowess. Outside of the jobs you can have in gaming, live streaming may be an opportunity to make some money playing your favorite games. It is also am amazing opportunity to make new friends, chat and show off your gaming skills. However, there are some safety concerns you must have always in mind. We prepared a list of protection measures to help you stay safe.


#1: Protect your real name

Use nicknames or pseudonyms. Once a person knows your real name, they can track you down and find additional information about you on the internet. You may even consider taking a step further and create separate email for your gaming persona.


#2: Protect your home address

Keeping your home address private must be a major concern. You may not knowingly share your personal information while streaming, but there could be identifying factors in the background, such as a view from your window or your front door. Many Twitch streamers have had incidents with crazy or obsessed fans. You can read about it at Fraghero.
Some nice fans might want to send you gifts in the post, and to make that possible without compromising your safety, sign up for a virtual address with physicaladdress.


#3: Protect your computer and streaming accounts

There is always the risk of being hacked by a cybercriminals. Hackers can infect your computer with viruses and malware in order to access your accounts and personal data, banking information and even your gaming. To stay safe, use antivirus software to protect your devices from viruses and malware, and always keep them updated.

To protect your live streaming accounts, use two-factor authentication and use a different email and password for each service you use. This might seem like a hassle but taking such steps will protect your accounts from a takeover by an unauthorized person.


#4: Protect your privacy

After your live stream is over, make sure your mic and webcam are turned off. You don’t want to be caught doing strange weird things during your private moments at home.


Stay safe and have fun while streaming!