Buying games and remaining up to date on the new releases can be both fun and pricy, and can turn gaming into a very expensive hobby! If you are a true Gaming enthusiast, though, you know how frustrating it is to restrain yourself and not buy the games you want to play. Fortunately, we have some tips that can help you expand your game collection without spending a lot of money.

Wait for Sales

Pre-ordering a game or buying it as soon as it is released is a temptation you should avoid. Buying a brand-new game will probably cost more, and the game might even get discontinued. Wait for sales, look for discount codes and enjoy the game you want without paying full price.

Buy Used Games

This tip is for gamers who use physical format games, on a console or computer. There is no need to buy a brand new game and pay full price if you can find a used one for less. You can even discover interesting games that you didn’t even know existed. Used games can be found in lots of places, both online and offline. Try stores like GameStop or online options like eBay or Amazon.

Look for Free Games

The best way to save money is to not spend money at all. You can find a specific game on the best game torrenting sites. But if you are not looking for something in particular, you can find free games from some streaming platforms and games providers. If you know where to look, you can find free trials or even complete games to download.

Buy in Bundles

Gaming bundles are a great way to save money as they allow you to get two or more games for a lower price. Sometimes when you buy a console you can get a game bundle with it for less. If you already have a PC or a console, there are various places to keep track of available bundles, like the /r/GameBundles subreddit.

Get a Subscription/Membership

Another good way to spend less money buying games is getting a subscription or membership. Both Playstation Plus and Xbox Gold Live have subscriptions that allow gamers to play multiplayer games and also offer monthly free games. You may not get major games all the time, but it can be a great way to try different ones.

Swap Your Games

Swapping games that you no longer want can also be a good way to save some money. There are many ways you can swap the games you no longer play and get new ones that you want. You can do the exchange with friends or find places, websites, or forums that are set up for making swaps.

Finding ways to save money on games means you can reduce your spending without having to stop gaming. Look for different ways to save money on both physical and digital games.