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Grounded 0.11 Hot and Hazy update will be live for everyone on October 20th and the second thing I suggest you do is clear the Haze Lab and get the Haze BURG.L Chip. This Grounded gameplay walkthrough will show you the step-by-step and what items you need to clear the Haze Lab.

If you want to jump through the tutorial, below follow the timestamps links of the video:

  1. Stop the Gas Leak
  2. Upgrade your favorite weapon on the Smithing Station
  3. How to Unlock the Smithing Station Recipe
  4. Blow the Haze Lab door with a Bratburst
  5. Pull the lever to open a door
  6. Clear the main Haze Lab room of infected insects
  7. Haze BURG.L Chip Location
  8. Haze Lab Exposed Pipe Entrance, Mega Milk Molar location


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