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There are 43 different Sca.B Schemes in the game. You start the game with 4 of them and all the other 39 are scattered around the Grounded backyard to be located and collected. This walkthrough video shows where are the 39 Sca.B Schemes and how to find them. Use the video timestamps below to jump to the Sca.B you want to find.


You start the game with:

  • SCA.B Classic
  • SCA.B Night
  • High Contrast


Use the links below to jump to the Sca.b you want to find.

  1. Aerobics – On Top Of The Garden Lamp Southside Of Oak Tree
  2. Billy Hog Horror – Pond Margin, Inside The Calvo Can
  3. Bugjuice – In The Outpost Of The Hedge Lab
  4. Chubbs Series – In The Tunnel To The 4 Leaf Clover Underwater
  5. Corporate Issue – In The Black Ant Hill Blocked By A Rock
  6. Cyberstrike – On Top Of The Power Plug Close To The Berry Tree
  7. Dog Loaf – On The Picnic Table, Under A Plate And On Top Of A Knife
  8. Flying-V – On Top Of The Rake Rock
  9. Frankenline – On Top Of The Frankenline Toy
  10. Fright – On A Branch Close To The Hedge Lab
  11. Frostbite – Inside Sunken Section Of The Pond Lab With A Power Switch
  12. Garbo – Inside A Lunch Box On The Trash Heap
  13. Ghostmint – In One Of The Rooms Of The Hedge Lab
  14. Gingerspice – At The Flooded Area Of The Pond Lab
  15. Girthscape – In A Cave Below The Yoked Girth Head
  16. Greystone – Middle Height Of The North Laser Machine
  17. Gunmetal – Inside Spade Gulch Cave In The Underwater Part
  18. Hedgeberry – On The Bird Bath
  19. Holidazzle – In An Outpost Of The Pond Lab
  20. Hyperblaster – On Top Of The Laser Machine To The East
  21. Lasercorp – Southside Of The Paint Bucket
  22. Legend – Inside The Fizz Can
  23. Miterider – In A Cave, Close To The South Laser Machine
  24. Muck – Below The Pond Lab Entrance
  25. Neomauve – In The Red Ant Hill
  26. Panfish – North, At The Margins Of The Pond
  27. Punch-O – On Top Of The Tropicpop Juice Box
  28. SCA.B Bugged – In The Abandoned Anthill
  29. SCA.B V1.02 – South, Under House Porch, Close To Mushrooms
  30. SCA.B V2.11 – Inside The Observation Pod On The Berry Tree
  31. SCA.B V3.09 – North From Stepping Stone Summit, Between Rocks
  32. Sewage – Inside An Exposed Pipe
  33. Shallows – On A Shelf In The Pond Lab Dome
  34. Shinebright – In The Underwater Tunnel Connection Between The Pond And Oak Lab
  35. Snydrome – In A Cave Right Under The Rake
  36. Supreme – At The Flingman Flying Disc
  37. Textbook – On The Flooded Area Underwater
  38. The Sad Scab – Under Cassette Tape
  39. Witchly – On A Branch That The Red Power Cable Passes Over


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