There are 10 different quests and markers locations in Grounded backyard. This video guide shows where all 10 markers are and how to get to them. Use the video timestamps below to jump to the Marker you want to find.

  1. Complete Marker at: Bird Bath Bluff – Middle way the Berry Tree branches​
  2. Complete Marker at: Fallen Oak Branch – Big branch at the south area, in one of its ramifications​
  3. Complete Marker at: Great Oak Beacon – Garden Lamp south from the Oak Tree
  4. Complete Marker at: Plank Cliff – Big wooden plank southeast from the Mysterious Machine
  5. Complete Marker at: Rake Rock Point – Rock the Rake is laying on
  6. Complete Marker at: Spade Gulch – Right below the Garden Spade
  7. Complete Marker at: Stepping Stone Summit – Rocks west from the Grasslands Ant Hill
  8. Complete Marker at: Toad Swamp – Southeast from the Mysterious Machine, on the hand of the Toad Toy
  9. Complete Marker at: Weed Killer Peak – At the toxic area on top of the Weed Killer Sprayer​
  10. Complete Marker at: Western Grasslands Ant Hill – West from Mysterious Machine

Click here for the full Grounded Quest and Collectible Guide.

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