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Rumbleverse has a system to reward active players and perks are a part of it. Perks are passive upgrades that when unlocked last till the end of the match. Watch this guide to learn how to unlock perks and how each of them works.


Use the video timestamps below to jump to the perk you are searching for:

  1. How to Unlock Perks
  2. Aerodynamic Perk
  3. Ballistic Perk
  4. Bombastic Perk
  5. Brainbuster Perk
  6. Temper Perk
  7. Weapon Master Perk
  8. Windfist Perk
  9. Wooooo Perk
  10. Meditative Perk
  11. Sadistic Perk
  12. The Burn Perk
  13. Satisfaction Perk
  14. Nimble Perk
  15. Runner Perk
  16. Rabbit Foot Perk


Click here to download the Perks guide cheat sheet.

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