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The last piece of the puzzle is here! In Chapter 4 of the Grounded Weapons Guide Series, we will discover what are the best Forged Upgrades to kill 12 of the top-tier creatures! In every chapter, we have been learning different things about the new weapons system and if you didn’t watch the previous chapters, be sure to do it. Access the Grounded Weapons Guide playlist here.

The Weapons Guide series covers:

If you want to jump through the tutorial, below follow the timestamps links of the video:

  1. How to compare Forged Upgrades
  2. Compared Creatures Health Bar
  3. Creatures Vulnerable to Mighty
  4. Creatures Vulnerable to Fresh
  5. Creatures Vulnerable to Salty
  6. Creatures Vulnerable to Spicy
  7. Creatures Forged Upgrade Vulnerability Result
  8. Become a Member of the Spy Academy


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