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The Firefly is a neutral insect as ants and ladybugs. They will only attack if you attack first and like ants, they will protect each other.

I found fireflies in the north part of the backyard. They are on the other side of the pond and close to the rocks more to the west side. These are spots I found them, comment below if you found them at any other place.

Another thing about the Fireflies is that they spam only at night, even though, I did see 2 of them in the afternoon hours. By my scientific observation, they spam every day at 7:00 pm. Start glowing at 8:00 pm and migrate away at 3:00 am.


One of the fireflies attacks throws a liquid that slows down your movement speed. It’s not possible to block the attack, not even with the Weevil Shield. A debuff that makes it almost impossible to chase them down. So short and mid-range weapons are not the best option.

The best way to kill these flying lanterns is to use the Bone or Stinger Spear because of the weapons range and the possibility to block.


You can also use the bow for the first hit, but I don’t recommend it for the full fight as you can’t block, kitting is impossible with the slow and you will possibly lose arrows.

I also recommend being equipped with the Ladybug armor set.

With the Firefly materials, you will be able to build the Firefly Head Lamp and the Stuffed Firefly. The Head Lamp is a great substitute for torches as you don’t need to craft it anymore and you have a free off-hand to carry a shield or a 2-handed-weapon.


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